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Happy Friday! I wear business suits as a result of the sales profession I am in and the level of professionalism that I believe clients deserve.  This is one of my favorite business suit looks.  A classic suit with a pop of color and texture and an interesting piece of jewelry.  I started a new job this week with an amazing innovative company, so things have been extra busy this week as I am learning new stuff!  I am still doing the same thing that I love to do as I have been in the payroll outsourcing industry for over 12 years now!  I hope you all have had a great week!  Thanks for reading! – Carrie


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I have really enjoyed watching my sister, Marcy, during her pregnancy as she will soon be a mommy and she will soon get to experience a mother’s love.  I am super excited to meet my nephew when he is born and give him tons of kisses.  We took these photos a few weeks ago in Marcy and Brent’s house when they had us over for dinner.  Marcy didn’t even want to be photographed, but I wanted to practice shooting her belly for her official photo session that happened last night.  Those photos will be coming soon!  Marcy still has a about six weeks left and she said she is starting to get to the uncomfortable phase.  That means it won’t be long!!!

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I love mixing stripes and dots and I think it helps keep women’s business attire from being too boring.  The polka dot shirt is lightweight and will be great for Spring and Summer, especially since I can roll the sleeves up on those hotter days.  Are you ready to start dressing for warmer weather?  Thanks for reading! xo – Carrie


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I know we all have those days where we walk into our closet and we feel like we have nothing to wear.  On those days, I don’t think it is as much about not having anything to wear, but more about how we are feeling that day.  We all have those days where we just feel blah.  I typically pick out something that I feel sorry for that I haven’t worn it in a while, and then when I wear it, I realize I know why I never wear it.  I don’t look very cute in it!  That is not the case in these pictures as I love this outfit and it’s comfy chic look, but please disregard the quality of the pictures as my 10 year old photographer was snapping these pics a little too fast as the bus was pulling up to our driveway and she was rushed.  I try not to post pictures that are this blurry, BUT…I just loved this outfit and guess what, this is real life and bad pictures happen.  Please don’t judge! smiley-face!


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I have been told that my personal style can be described as “classic with an edge” and I totally agree.  I wore this outfit Saturday day 2 of GO BLOG SOCIAL.  I have had this William Rast vest for years and the first time I saw it at Nordstrom I knew I just had to have it.  Luckily it went on sale and over the last several years it has gotten much love as I wear it year round.  Army green vests and jackets were pretty popular at GO BLOG SOCIAL as several other ladies were sporting them at the event.  So if you have one, pull it out and start wearing it.  The vest has an edge to it and my skinny jeans and gray tee are my classics.  I would love to hear what your design style is.

Photos taken my blogger friends The Fashion Column twins Emily & Elizabeth.  They both look ultra chic!

VEST – like this one / TEE – like this one / SUNGLASSES / SKINNY JEANS – similar / BOOTS



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I attended GO BLOG SOCIAL April 4 – 5 and I have to say the ladies who organized this conference need to be recognized for pulling together a very professional and valuable event.  I came home from the first day and I very excitedly couldn’t stop telling my husband everything about my day and how I believe that I will be taking my blog to the next level.  The speakers were interesting and shared information about their personal stories that I loved hearing.  I really enjoyed Kelly Snyder from Kansas City Mamas and Erin Souder from House of Earnest.  First of all Kelly is a great speaker in front of a large group, but when I first started blogging I felt limited on what I could do without a media kit and Kelly’s feedback to us was that if we want to be professional and we have a following that reads our blog every day, that we are important and that a media kit can help us take blogging to the next level.  Erin with House of Earnest is a DIY (Do It Yourself) blogger, which I don’t consider myself a DIY blogger, so I didn’t think I would get that much out of her presentation, but the information she shared was her behind the scenes of how she makes great posts and pictures.  I made a list of what I need to do to from her presentation.  Even though I primarily blog on fashion, I also like to post about cooking and products I like and these are definitely DIY projects because I am doing all of these things myself.  From coming up with the blog post idea, to creating the content, to staging the project, and taking my own pictures.  I want to thank all of the speakers for sharing with us.  The other major benefit of GO BLOG SOCIAL were the connections I made with other women that all are bloggers.  Everyone I spoke with was so genuinely nice and everyone has great information to share and oddly enough we all seem to share some of the same challenges.

I have new knowledge from the GO BLOG SOCIAL conference that will help me take my blog to the next level.  Starting with me getting motivated to meet with my brother-in-law to teach me how to do more with Photoshop as you will see in the first picture.

Pictures taken by Megan Davey with Chasing Davies.

SHIRT / PANTS – similar / JACKET – similar / NECKLACE / HEELS – similar / BELT – similar



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I am tired of washing so many loads of laundry this winter.  I am not a fan!  Now that my kids are bigger the loads get fuller faster and I have more laundry to do.  I wish there was a faster way!  I would love to hear if anyone has found a great washer that doesn’t take forever to wash a load of clothes or towels.

Banana Republic Jacket (old, like this one and this one), Home T-Shirt, J Brand Jeans, J. Crew Necklace (like this one), Kate Spade Tote (similar & similar), Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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Waffle Cones

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Waffle sweater and ice cream cone necklace = Waffle Cones

Cozy textured sweaters paired with skinny jeans is pretty much one of my go to casual looks.  Pair it with a great handbag and sunglasses and I am ready for the weekend!

J. Crew Sweater (old, like this one), J Brand Skinny Jeans (similar), Rag & Bone Booties, Michael Kors Handbag (similar), Nordstrom Necklace (old, similar), Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses


KCFW – Kate Walz

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I am always impressed with the young and talented Kate Walz.  Her line this season conveyed a more bohemian look and feel.  The pieces had a vintage vibe as if they may have came from her great grandma’s house.  Kate was not the only one to blend old with new, which I really appreciate and enjoy.  The craftsmanship of some of the fabrics Kate used are so intricate and detailed and they are a reminder of the days when many families all made their own clothes. I would love to hear more about the inspiration of this line!

You can also follow Kate Walz on Twitter @Kate_Walz.

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