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I attended GO BLOG SOCIAL April 4 – 5 and I have to say the ladies who organized this conference need to be recognized for pulling together a very professional and valuable event.  I came home from the first day and I very excitedly couldn’t stop telling my husband everything about my day and how I believe that I will be taking my blog to the next level.  The speakers were interesting and shared information about their personal stories that I loved hearing.  I really enjoyed Kelly Snyder from Kansas City Mamas and Erin Souder from House of Earnest.  First of all Kelly is a great speaker in front of a large group, but when I first started blogging I felt limited on what I could do without a media kit and Kelly’s feedback to us was that if we want to be professional and we have a following that reads our blog every day, that we are important and that a media kit can help us take blogging to the next level.  Erin with House of Earnest is a DIY (Do It Yourself) blogger, which I don’t consider myself a DIY blogger, so I didn’t think I would get that much out of her presentation, but the information she shared was her behind the scenes of how she makes great posts and pictures.  I made a list of what I need to do to from her presentation.  Even though I primarily blog on fashion, I also like to post about cooking and products I like and these are definitely DIY projects because I am doing all of these things myself.  From coming up with the blog post idea, to creating the content, to staging the project, and taking my own pictures.  I want to thank all of the speakers for sharing with us.  The other major benefit of GO BLOG SOCIAL were the connections I made with other women that all are bloggers.  Everyone I spoke with was so genuinely nice and everyone has great information to share and oddly enough we all seem to share some of the same challenges.

I have new knowledge from the GO BLOG SOCIAL conference that will help me take my blog to the next level.  Starting with me getting motivated to meet with my brother-in-law to teach me how to do more with Photoshop as you will see in the first picture.

Pictures taken by Megan Davey with Chasing Davies.

SHIRT / PANTS – similar / JACKET – similar / NECKLACE / HEELS – similar / BELT – similar



  1. Kari

    These pictures look great! I love your style. It was so great talking to you this weekend. I’m excited for our next KC meet up:)


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